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Defender Card not giving milestone progress

I have had Defender on since I've gotten it, and I have only gotten 606 points out of the hours I've put into it. Is it happening for anyone else or am I a special case that's entirely new?


  • It's registering the points for me, But I know there's a lot of problems with Milestones and Challenges, for me I'm having problems with "The Defender" challenge, Which is win on all 5 starfighter maps as the defensive team, I'm on 4 out of 5, But for some reason it won't register Kamino.
  • Mine didn't for the New Trilogy map. 1st time I played it, won as both attacker and defender, but it only counted the attacking win. And no one on Earth is going to win as the Empire in the Death Star wreckage. That's literally impossible with the amount of objectives and small amount of lives.
  • I managed to do it after alot of tries, haha but yeah objective tweaking is seriously needed.
  • FUN FACT, completed it, the post-match challenges screen said I had it done, and then go to claim it, still 4/5. Are. You **** KIDDING ME.
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