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Arcade Formula - Hardcore Infantry

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Intense. Iconic. Immersive.

The most exciting Star Wars combat experience I've had in probably forever.


Game Mode: Team Battle

Troops Available: 200
Player Team Size: 10
Enemy Team Size: 10
Play As: Troopers Only
AI Difficulty: Expert (Recommended)
Ability Recharge: No abilities
Player Health: One Hit (Recommended)
AI Health: One Hit
AI Classes: Assault Only
Minimap: Off (Really just redundant because *)

*SCOPES ONLY in Settings > Gameplay


So many things come together to make this a great experience.

The assault class is the standard grunt for all factions, the one we see en masse in the films. So having every soldier the same type helps to put you in a familiar environment, fighting familiar foes. Of course you yourself are not restricted to the assault class, but it helps to complete the experience.

The One Hit health for both player and AI simulate most of the firefights we see across most of the Saga, excluding massive battles like Geonosis when everyone is basically out in the open. You're constantly ducking behind cover, popping out to take one or two enemies down, pulling back into cover to vent your blaster, and getting ready to do it again (or retreat if you're alone and about to be overrun.)

Speaking of venting your blaster, the controls are as simple as can be. You have three main things to think about at any given moment: moving, shooting, and venting. No abilities allows for a totally streamlined experience that, again, feels inspired right from the films.

And of course, getting rid of every HUD element that isn't tied to the direct battle experience sucks you straight in. All you see is your blaster, and your squad mates, all of them grunts like you, marching forward and meeting the enemy dead on, or walking straight into an ambush no one saw coming.

An absolute blast on every map, with every faction. Hoping they add more maps to Arcade just to play with this mode more.

TL;DR - If you want to get the most authentic Star Wars battle experience possible, set up a custom arcade match with the settings above.
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