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This game is fun and is a great game, but.....

you can not have the kind of lag I saw tonight. Two matches the lag was so bad on the one, that both teams were rubber banding back and forth. On the other it started out just as bad. The one happened on kashyyyk the other on the Death Star II both were assault modes.

Your game has allot to offer, but mulitplayer is the main aspect of the game. The crate issue was bad and you got hit pretty hard by it. Lag this bad for a multiplayer game is just as bad if not worse. My guess your waiting till the Dec 5 update. I would strongly suggest you guys do not wait that long.

Only a suggestion though.


  • Yepper with the loss of sales from the crate thing you would think this was a high priority. I will be losing interest soon if lag does not go away. Absurd grind time and loading screens then lag feel like I am just wasting time.

    It is not our connections, I get zero lag to every MP game regardless of where in the USA it is.
  • i figured out that it mostly lags on the map Kashyyk also most of the time my Hero Jump and abilities bug it´s also Kashyyk, why is Kashyyk doing this to us??
  • Well I did not want to jump the gun and say it was this or that map, but it is getting worse. I can not rule out hackers causing the lag either these days, but I do not know. The only people that do is at EA, if they have to wait for the big patch, at least put some information out there such as news on this.
  • fixing lag should be the highest priority right now.. maybe the patch today will help. curious to see if they made any improvements to the lag...
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