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Heroes/villians roster is lacking prequel and Clone Wars Era characters/content

For starters, where's Geonosis?

Battlefront 2 has the potential to be the definitive online star wars game we all want, featuring iconic locations from all seven movies and more. yes, it certainly has that potential. but one of the most epic and iconic battles that begun the clone wars is missing: The Battle of Geonosis... this impressive engagement between the Seperatist droid army and the newly formed Republic clone army needs to be added, if this game is to be even considered near complete. Battlefront 2's map selection at launch is above average and features many of the locations we've all come to know and recognize... even if they arent all available in its custom play mode. there are, however, some key locations missing. Geonosis is definitely one of them, and has no business being omitted from this game. period. the game simply feels incomplete without it.

The absence of prequel heroes/villians-

and the truth is, i think the prequels were sorely mistreated. the only hero/villian we got from the prequel trilogy was Darth Maul! i'll say that again. the only key character we got uniquely from the prequel trilogy is Darth Maul. where's Padme, Qui-Gon, Mace Windu, Count Dooku, Jango Fett, and General Grievous? how about a lightside Anakin Skywalker from the clone wars era? nope. we got Bossk.

personally, i think Qui-Gon Gin deserves to be revived and explored. Battlefront 2 provides the perfect opportunity to recount more of Qui-Gons involvement and discover his unique abilities. and who wouldnt want to thrash waves of stormtroopers with Grievous' devastating quad-lightsaber attacks? in fact, General Grievous would probably be one of the funnest villians to play as. in addition to weilding four lightsabers, i can envision him stomping around tossing troopers left and right with ease. but nope, we got Bossk.

another idea that i think would be a very nice touch, is adding a lightside Anakin Skywalker to the roster. in fact, both Anakin and Padme should definitely be in this game. both characters should be represented as they were during Episode 2 or 3 (before Anakin fell to the darkside). and where's Count Dooku? Mace Windu? Jango Fett? as you can see, the roster of heroes and villians is sorely lacking. key characters from the prequels and clone wars era simply must be added if the game hopes to be the definitive online star wars game it aspires to be. it's just not complete without them.

i think the developers did an amazing job including the original trilogies content and, truth be told, it is nice to see a new face in bounty hunter Bossk from Empire. but this doesnt excuse the mishandled and fully omitted material from the prequels. my hope is that EA will consider adding all the forgotten heroes/villians from Episode 1-3 and at least add the Battle at Geonosis. i honestly cant consider this game complete while all these major characters from the star wars universe are missing. and after talking to many fans, i know im not alone.

- Qui-Gon
- Lightside Anakin
- Obi-wan (i assume he's coming for sure?)
- Padme
- Mace Windu
- Count Dooku
- General Grievous
- Jango Fett

where are all these key, iconic characters from the prequels/clone wars era? but hey, dont forget... at least we get Bossk!
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