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Ideas for more game modes ofline

Excuse my english, use a translator.

The story mode is fine, the arcade is varied, but very short and you have to do everything fast. Then comes online play, which is more challenging and fun, but sometimes it takes time to find games on a random map and not where you would like to play.

1- To begin with, I think the Galactic Assault Skirmish and Starfighters Mode is necessary with all the maps that are in the online and if more maps are added in the online, these are also added ofline. I also want to add that it is very difficult to find starfighter assault games and this frustrates and I end up playing galactic assault.

2- Custom Arcade mode that allows you to play as a villain.

3- Starfighter Arcade mode to play with the ships of the heroes directly and eliminate targets or number of ships as it costs a lot to find online games and much more to reach the score to obtain a hero ship.
I want to try Darth Maul's Cimatarra and until now I have not been able to.

4- An Arcade Mode of Heroe vs Villain this because there is no offline mode (unless they are 2 people to split screen) where you can face a Hero vs. a Villain.

A- A hero with his squad vs. a villain and his squadron and with difficulty levels.

B- Heroes vs. Villains ofline 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 Ideally, you can modify it yourself similar as the custom arcade is modified, obviously only one is controlled, the others are support controlled by the AI.

C- Do it for 3 levels modifying the health to a higher.

Examples Luminous side vs:

Level 1 Boba Fett
Level 2 Dark Vader
Level 3 Emperor Palpatine

Level 1 Bossk
Level 2 Phasma
Level 3 Kylo Ren

Level 1 Jango Fett
Level 2 Dark Maul
Level 3 Count Dooku

Examples Dark Side vs:

Level 1 Han Solo
Level 2 Luke
Level 3 Yoda

Level 1 Lando
Level 2 Chubaca
Level 3 Leia

Level 1 Fin
Level 2 Han Solo
Level 3 Rey

If I go ahead with some heroes not yet confirmed but the game should go there and what you think, have other game ideas essentially want a game mode of heroes vs villains ofline form.
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