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Just received 145 credits for playing a game that went through all 3 phases on GA... please fix the credit system...


  • Have been playing the game for 18 hours now and despite focusing my attention on assault and heavy classes, I have only unlocked 1 additional weapon for heavy class after getting 50 kill unlock. I now have to get another 50 kills with that weapon to craft an add on...Also the number of credits I have accrued in game (incl achievement unlocks) is around 35000 -40000(incl completing campaign). This was enough to unlock a few special fighter class (eg yoda ship) Luke skywalker and a few other characters and craft.
    By the time I realised the unlocks only really come through the star cards, I began to notice the flow of points/crystal/crafting parts is very slow when just playing the multiplayer only.
    Its around 250money per match vs 4000 per loot crate. So thats approx 17 matches for 1 crate that MAY have a useful card or two..
    Please Dice can you increase the flow of resources per match or decrease the cost of loot crates as this feels like too much of a grind. Esp when compared to BF1 where I felt an even flow of progression was always achievable. Esp with double xp weeekends and xp boosters.
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