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Out of Bounds Warnings

Anybody else annoyed by these out of bounds and return to combat warnings?

I understand the point of them but I'm annoyed with them because they reduce your ability to flank. For example, playing strike and many times to can't get around to flank a choke point because you get out of bounds and return to combat warnings and it gives you like 6 seconds and you die. However, the opposing team is free to run in that specific area/corridor, etc.

I don't remember this being an issue for me in BF2015. I mean, when I played drop zone for example I could g everywhere on the map that the other team could go. There weren't these imaginary out of bounds lines stopping me from entering certain areas of the map.

I understand that they're probably trying to stop spawn camping with this but at the same time it's pretty annoying that you can't flank using certain areas of the map.

I will lieerally at times see opposing team members hanging out in these restricted areas and popping in and out of them knowing that the other team can't chase them there.

Personally, I'd rather see them fix spawns and make sure spawns are random and open up the maps than have these blocked out areas that only one team can enter.


  • The boundaries were annoying in the first game, and worse in this one. And it applies to all maps and game modes, even Arcade. And the crazy thing is that Boba can't even fly upwards of twenty feet on certain maps without the screen greying out saying he is out of bounds.
  • willywonka7
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    edited November 2017
    I think that if they gave you more warning about when the next zone was going to open you could start sprinting into the zone with the counter going down and get a little bit of a head start.

    I keep trying to figure out the timing on it so I can start running into it with the timer counting down in the with the knowledge that it will open before my out of zone timer runs out, so I can get a head start on a few of the stragglers trying to cross the zone still. Or make the zone slowly diminish in size with a timer count down maybe.

    I don't think that they will completely get rid of it because of the spawn camp issue.
  • It'd be sick if you could disable them on custom games
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