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new leaks, how legit?

there has been a few new leaks this week mainly following updates, so far we have been told we are getting grevious, count dooku and anakin, normally id not believe the leaks but more than one person has reported this and a few of them have told us star cards/abilities, im more inclined to believe these as they are hugely in depth and the first guy to find the content has over 90% ish correctness when it comes to leaks he also said he'd found voice file references to anakins hero ship the twilight

just wondering what everyone else thinks about this? hopefully this guy is right again and we get those, no one ad mentioned obi wan but im guessing he'll be with grevious as anakin and dooku are together


  • XXXO77O4906
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    Treat all that you hear online as speculations until officially confirmed on official channels by EA/DICE.

    That is all that they are and nothing more really.

    Also, closing this since we have enough threads on this already. Pick one and join in.
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