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Looking for a little help

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edited December 2017
This is for playing on the ps4.
1. Is there a 180 turn in this game for troopers?
2. What are the best cards for each class and why. I'm honestly not very good at hiding behind stuff u always seem to get picked off. I tend to use the assult and heavy but really want to do more with the other two. Officer is my least favorite for its low health.
Thanks in advance everyone.


  • I don't think there is 180 turn. I have only played heavy so far as it was my favorite and I'm working on getting all his stuff first. IF you are going to play heavy you MUST use the explosive shot sentry (not the one that shoots slow). It's so dirty against vehicles let alone players. I also use the card that reduces all cooldowns, and I have the card reducing health regen delay.
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