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Luke's The Last Jedi costume

80 posts Member
edited December 2017
DICE, can you please make Luke's The Last Jedi costume (preferably the white one he wears when he first meets Rey)? Luke's black ROTJ costume is a little too dated now. It would be a great way to promote the upcoming movie and we all you you want to please Disney by promoting their upcoming movie! Who else wants this too?


  • Nilim
    150 posts Member
    The outfit? Sure.
    Mark Hamill's current physical condition? No.
    No offense to the dude, but it wouldn't make sense given how acrobatic and fast Luke plays.
  • We'll just have to wait to see how he moves in The Last Jedi. The white costume would be a nice contrast to all the dark color costumes going on in the game. Variety man!
  • I'd like the new skin, it would be good because Rey and Kylo are in the game as well. How about updated skins for Leia and Han too? Good idea I think. I know this is about Luke but I would really like Darth Maul's hooded cloak as a skin as shown when whe went looking for Qui Gon and Obi Wan on Tatooine in EP1
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