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Tatooine on Heroes vs Villains

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I think there must be done something with this map or with the heroes.

Since the whole map is very urban based with access to open rooftops, and because the rebels have only 3 heroes (force users) who have movement abilities, this map is ALWAYS a free win for the dark side.

Standard scenario:
- 3 jedi hero + any other ranged hero
- 4 sith
- or
- 3 sith + Boba Fett.

All dark side heroes have movement abilities to have quick access to rooftops and the air. This will cause ALWAYS a 3vs4 scenario since the 1 remaining ranged hero on the light side will be trapped between small corridors.

This is very frustrating so I think a map change or hero change needs to be done.

(until than...I will quickleave every Tatooine map)
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