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December CC

Yoda question

Hey there, need a bit of a advice and your peoples thoughts on Yoda's star cards choice.
I mainly use him for GA mode when Rey is not available since she is my main light side hero choice both for GA and HvV.
Im runing Yoda with Light Saber Mastery and Jedi Mentor at the moment, and Im in two minds what to take as the third star card. It will be one for HP boost for sure, but which one??? What do you guys think and suggest?
I cant decide between Enduring Presence for longer hp boost up time, and Feel the Force for more HP per activation...


  • I would recommend agility, for those extra dashes, and jedi mentor for decreased ovr. Damage recieved. In Hvv you really need Opposin the dark side, to have at least some chance, but yoda is weak kn that game mode
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