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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

The Resistance wants YOU!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Tired of the relentless overbearing rules set be some tiny old man off on a distant planet?
Tired of the perpetual threat of your planet exploding into oblivion at a moments notice?
Looking for freedom?
JOIN THE RESISTANCE! We are looking for new recruits starting this Sunday (dec 3) to help us squash the Evil Snoke and his band of mindless bucket-heads. Join us in our fight for freedom! We have hope! We will Not Prevail!
The Resistance wants YOU!
So you think the empirical First Order has your best interest at hearts? Nay! Look to Yargos! Look to the Republic! They will destroy all civilians in their way, and even decimate planets populated with their loyal followers. That's because they do not care about anyone's lives!
Live! Live in Peace and with Freedom! Join the Resistance and help us stop this tyrannical horror that has besieged the galaxy for far too long. Our time has come! Victory is at hand!

or, if you like this variation better...

The Resistance Needs You!
Remember the mighty Ewoks that turned the tides on the Battle of Endor? Our furry friends who came to the rebels' sides and attacked the empire in their moment of need? Now, It is time to help them!
Over the decades, our musical merry-making companions of endor have run low on a shortage of percussion instruments. The helmets of fallen storm troopers of the empire are finally falling apart from all the hammering and clanging of music-making. The Ewoks as for your help to kill the First Order troopers and bring back more helmets so they can continue their drumming. Join the Resistance and help old friends while saving the galaxy!
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