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Thermal Binoculars Not working again - like they used to in beta

Probably half the time I use the specialist's thermal binoculars (un-upgraded), they don't work. I've looked straight at enemies, visibly seen them through the binoculars, but they don't show up white/highlighted, making it actually very hard to see them if the tags don't pop up. This happens a lot where you are looking towards the enemies and regardless of if they are behind cover or not, they are not highlighted in the binoculars. It was exactly like this in the Beta, then it seemed to be mostly fixed, but after the last patch it seems to be reverted back. Not that the specialist was really worth using to begin with, but this is game breaking for those still trying even with all their disadvantages. I've used them to look through doorways, see no one, and open it to reveal someone standing there waiting for me.
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