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Artillery Question

can they be upgraded? Have star cards? Because for some reason my MTT is at rank 1 while everything else is zero (AT-AT etc) My friend checked his too and ALL of his are at zero....They are in the collection section but have no way of adding cards....


  • I've been meaning to post about this, but I kept forgetting what I was going to ask, lol. Same thing for me. My MTT is level 5, while my LAAT is level 1, my ATAT is level 5 also, and my U Wing is level 0. The heck is going on?
  • I dont believe they can be upgraded, as there's no card slots in the menu for them, so I have no idea what the level is supposed to mean
  • If they can be upgraded I'm sure it's something they probably left out and intend to add in at some point along with (hopefully) star cards for them.There was a similar menu that was data mined that revealed customizations for alternate skins for your troopers, which I imagine will also come to the game at some point.
  • It's probably there just in case they ever decide to add star cards for them. Honestly, the "star cards" section should probably just be hidden so that users can't even see it until there are actual star cards for them. I do like being able to review the abilities, though.
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