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Starkiller Base needs reinforcement fixes

The First Order has the possibility of TIEs, but are not allowed for the 1st phase, making it almost guaranteed that you will be getting strafed by player ships and having nothing to do about it. Why do we have to constantly die just so we can be forced to the second phase to finally be able to do something about it and still be destroyed because they have had permanent air dominance?


  • Ehh idk about this. How are tue rebels supposed to have ships on their base?? If anything they should open up a couple doors at the base of the base where the 2nd objective is because trying to take that point is literally hell without the possibility of a flank
  • They are multiple ways to take down a ship without being in one yourself. I'm not gonna say get good but think outside the box
  • Give them ships on the second phase, not the 1st. All they have to do is fly away if they get hit and heal. Torpedoes and missiles are worthless since literally any turning will make them useless. The minigun is the best way, but again, they just fly away and fully heal, and the ability was just wasted.
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