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Why, oh why have you changed the post match results!

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edited December 2017
Who cares that it says 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. we can see that from the scoreboard. It's much more of a challenge to get the top awards and mixes it up a bit from just top spot. Change it back now.


  • Nihil
    208 posts Member
    It looks strange but in the end,it's much better.
    Why? Because on every small game mode except GA, the only person who got every place on the screen was the one whith the most score. Whatever the results are.

    Also on galactic assault the same, plus extended with the one person reserving all the spots who picked the starfighter first.

    So I think, this 1st 2nd, 3rd doesn't look that ellegant, but it's a much more representative method.
  • because people that had top alot of the time used BP exploits to get there OR glitch battle points of some sort....I personally swept top a couple times cuz I got the AT-AT glitch on hoth (you stay in ATAT whole time and cant exit and your abilities instantly reset) Doesnt mean I deserved it
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