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Community Transmission
December CC

Things I don't understand. Please help.

1. How to use the clone's ion disruptor thing on the Kashyyyk beach. I can't make it fire. He just waves his hands in the air. Then I die.

2. How does the "hard lock" work on the A Wing? I can lock on to someone but then if I try to use a torpedo it just fires like it normally would, taking a few seconds to lock on to any visible target.

3. Intermittent jet pack for the Rocket Jumper class. I have seen people using the jet pack for just very short bursts, a few seconds apart. When I use it, it's all or nothing. How does one do that?

4. Flametroopers on Strike in Starkiller Base. In the game where the resistance have to blow up two TIE fighters, I have twice seen First Order troopers start the round as Flametroopers. Yet for me, I can only choose to be a Flametrooper once I have built up enough battle points - how can people be starting as them when no battle points have yet been scored?
(I'm playing on PS4 btw).


  • Laughfaster1
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    edited December 2017
    1. sounds like a glitch/lag? You have to hold down fire for it to charge and I think you have to be aiming at the target?
    2. It should speed up the time required to lock with missiles, and you should do a bit more damage to them.
    3. No idea, I've never done it. Could be a lag/frame rate issue though? Maybe he was skipping or rubberbanding
    4. Was it the first round? Battle points will carry over so if they spawned as a flame trooper in the second round that's possible.
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