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December CC

A team member held onto the Ion Rocket all game and didn't fire it once and ran away from objective.

Just finished a game on PC, where a team member held onto the Ion Rocket all game. He / She didn't fire it once. They collected the rocket and ran to the back of the map with it.

Please can something be done about this, if anything at all?

Unlike in Battlefront 2015, Uplinks gave an objective the team is able to rally behind and defend. Knowing that in doing so, their teamwork pays off as the team is then able to attack the walker for a few seconds.

With Galactic Assault, only a single player is able to 'play the objective' and from this experience, they trolled and put my team at a disadvantage.

Why is a single player allowed to put their team at a disadvantage like this?


  • Hey, the last game of Cargo I played on BF1, a teammate brought the cargo all the way back to our base... then turned around and ran all the way back into the enemy base with it.
    Unfortunately, there's no patch for ace-holes.
  • WarrenChandler
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    edited December 2017
    Had a similar experience with a few friends sticking together with the objective (I assume they knew each other), and the game lasted forever. I was too afraid to leave the game in case I didn't get the mass of credits due (it's all about the credits, apparently), so I stayed for what seemed like hours in a game I was horribly frustrated by.

    After it finally ended, I honestly couldn't think of a single way to fix this other than having a set time allowed for carrying it of say, five to ten minutes, before your player gets a warning countdown, then auto drops it and can't have it again that round with the penalisation of getting zero credits for being a muppet.

    Any ideas as to how this could be addressed?
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  • Personally, I wouldn't mind returning to the Uplink system.

    That way, the team knows a solid objective it needs to defend. Team fights were amazing in Battlefront 2015, I find myself 1 vs 1 a lot in Battlefront 2017.

    Too much focus is put onto a single player to complete the objective for Ion Rockets, the ability to 'troll' and alike is unfortunate.

    Having that single player run around the map hording the Ion rocket really put me off from playing Battlefront tonight.
  • CarapaceonMenace
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    edited December 2017
    Maybe 2 minutes to get a shot off, after which you auto drop and can't pick it up unless somebody else does then dies with it. Most times, actual players are running to the front lines and getting shot down before they get the shot off or they'll wait and get some multi shots in when the target gets closer. Either way, I don't see a timer affecting actual players.

    On the other hand, this seems like an isolated incident and while it'd be nice have a failsafe, I doubt any effort will be made to counteract trolling. Parties used to hold on to the last cargo in SWBF 2015 just so they could farm their KD and extend the match.

    But if it becomes widespread, then they'd probably do something.
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  • CasualCat
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    edited December 2017
    Is there a single map with only 1 rocket/cannon? Theed has 2, while Hoth and Kashyyyk have multiple depending on the phase. I'd say just let them respawn after a certain amount of time whether or not someone is holding one.

    It'd probably help if credit payout wasn't tied to match length too. Stopping the attackers early should probably pay out like a full match to the defenders.

    Also they probably need to incentivize actually defending the people with the launchers (maybe points for being close when they successfully fire it or bonus points for eliminating enemies close to a person holding a launcher). Too often I see someone pick one up, and then everyone else scatters I can only assume thinking "welp I didn't get it, screw that guy."
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