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December CC

Are Hero Loot Boxes Still Best?

I heard they nerfed the crafting parts in the hero crate, which was previously the best crate to choose. Is this still the case?


  • really? I have gotten 5-50 crafting parts all day in about 8 different hero loot boxes I opened today
  • Didn't think you could ever get as low as 5 in a hero crate so maybe that's the change?
  • It's all a gamble and they won't tell anyone any of the odds. Even casinos are legally obligated to tell people the odds of winning!

    This is why the game is broken. Loot crates are only worth however many "crafting parts" (aka, " in-game currency) are in in them because the cards in them are all or almost all duplicates after the first few crates. In essence, you are earning 200-300 credits per game for anywhere from 7-11 games and then gambling on the possibility of progression with the 2200 credits you have... And getting 5-50 CP for them.

    To make it simple, you get anywhere from 1 to 10 CP per game. It costs 40 to use them for anything at all.... Now I really do hope someone does some exact math on this.

    Remember, you can gamble real money again in two weeks! So can your kids if you have them. If you are a kid, get on stealing credit cards!

    I keep saying it is like a casino or it is a casino, but it really is an insult to casinos. Casinos have rules and defined odds.

    No information has or will be given about the odds in thier sLoot machines... That way they can adjust the odds however they want to to tweak earnings, appease legal authorities temporarily, whatever they want or need to do today....

    There is literally nothing stopping them from changing any individual player's odds! They can decide who wins what and when! No promises no odds no nothing... Just "hey it's random.." which is the biggest lie of all... Or you would have an equal chance at every card! You don't!

    They can make them all dupes all day until they think you will quit and then they will throw you a bone. They can learn your individual gaming tolerance and tailor the odds to you personally!

    Nothing is stopping them and they just want your money now... They don't care about if you will buy another game ever again.... They really don't care! They have no reason to care once you are addicted to their pretend casino that is rigged more than any other in history.
  • Hero crates give you 35 or 50 crafting parts. The five crafting parts people are talking about are the daily crates.
  • AOD_MelournRex
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    edited December 2017
    And I would say that whatever you do, don't purchase the trooper crate. It's just not worth it.
    Purchase the hero or the starship crates. There are only 200 credits difference and if you are aiming for getting more star cards for your ships, the starship crates are the way to go.
  • I thin k is certain, i have found i am not getting my 200 credits from duplicates. I was never paying attention when opening because i just assumed it worked but when i had 4375 and i opened a 2200 crate i thought mathematically i should have a remainder for 2175, and if i got any duplicates i would get 200 added to make 2375 to open another crate, but guess what. nothing happened. So i tested this, played 1 match, got enough credits to open another crate. After the match I got 275 credits, so that made from the 2175 points a total of 2450. I watched, opened a hero crate, and got a duplicate in it for 200. so again. 2450-2200=250 then from the 200 duplicate I should then have 450 right? I even backed out of the game and came back to see I still had 250 credits. either this game is lagging at updating credits are you aren't getting rewarded for your duplicate pieces. if anyone else sees this can you record it and post it on here. I'm wondering how many credits i have missing because of this.
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