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December CC

Can't find anyone to kill in Blast

Is it just me who suffers from this? I can spend a whole game of blast constantly running towards the red sectors on the minimap trying to hunt down enemies, yet during the entire game I can barely find anyone to kill. Especially on the outdoor Endor hangar. The only time I see an enemy is when one shoots me from behind so I know they're there. I end up with about 3 kills. Even using the scan dart extensively doesn't help.
I saw another thread whining that people use GA to farm kills rather than Blast - maybe that's why.


  • I have the same problem too to be honest :S
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one with directional issues here. A lot of my (appropriately names?) Blast games goes kind of like:
    "Blast! Where are those people?" - BLAM! - "Ah... behind me ... *gasps* ... I feel cold ..." :-)
  • Sometimes, i spawn behind the enemy lines and 3 seconds after, an enemy spawns in my back and kill me OR i spawn very far away from my team and get killed in seconds... The spawns are worst than call of duty ...
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