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December CC

Galactic Assault: Stop AI Ship Farming

Can we stop the AI ship farming in game. I am tired of seeing the top players in the game have 8-9 eliminations beating people with 30 or + elimination games. I understand eliminations don't mean everything, but they are not even helping with the objective. They get a few kills get in a ship and they are pretty much afk for the rest of the game.

I don't understand why we are rewarding people for not helping the team complete the objective. I have seen ships used effectively, but farming AI ships and doubling everyone's score is helping no one but themselves and is aggravating to play with.


  • yep battlepoints from farming starfighter ai needs to be nerfed!
  • totally agree, they only stop using vehicles to grab the best heroes
    way to stop them is lower BP 's for vehicles not on objectives
  • Yeah, i agree, AI airships should be removed or made much stronger.
  • gzcnr
    290 posts Member
    If the farmer is an enemy it is easy, pick a starfighter take off and shot him down. I hate farmers so much that most of the time when i see an enemy farming i pick a starfighter and fight him till he deplete his battlepoints.

    But if the farmer is a friendly u are screwed. He will not contribute to the game at all and he will dominate the scoreboard.
  • agree i use the ships a lot like in kashyyk. but try to get the ground troops more than the enemy ships.
    and i actually get a lot of points for that so dos sent need farming at all.
  • They really need to make AI kills worth 0 as there is no equivalent mechanic on the ground for BP generation and cut infantry kills by sky units to 1/4 of what you currently get. With the performance based credit reward systems they put in today, the AI ship farming will only get worse. Pretty soon the game will be nothing but AFK farmers on the ground and AI farmers in the sky.

  • I really think that they need to change the game so that you only earn credits if you win the match. Increase the amounts for the different modes. The Galactic matches take longer so increase them, make the others that are shorter matches receive less. You can keep your experience gain for kills, but no pay day if you don't win the match. This will keep the game more objective focused rather than just trying to kill farm for battlepoints just to be able to go god mode with your hero.
  • Today's update rewards these farmers more now. High kills is the portion rewarded most not objective completion. So in theory, the new increased rewards for those with highest score, aka farmers just gave them increased credits per match leaving the people doing objectives at 300 or less still.
    Blew it again EA.
  • I fire my bazooka at some one full blast and they head shot me with a straw and a spitball. Good times.
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