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December CC

Server Browser: Custom "Online" Matches Please

I immediately noticed that you can only play custom matches offline and only in split screen. Seeing that not everyone wants to play in split screen or has direct access to one persons console there should be the ability to make custom matches with friends online. Kinda like Overwatch, Battlefield and COD does; there is a server browser feature to join or create private or public custom made games. Adding the ability to host a public or private game with your own custom settings is a wet dream.

This is a feature that should have been in the game at launch, but seeing that it wasn't it would make an amazing addition to the game. Private online matches would allow players to verse each other instead of having to join a public match and play with each other. This is also an escape/break from certain unbalanced aspects of the game and allows players to continue to play the game and ENJOY playing.

I don't mean to sound rash or impose the feeling that developers aren't doing a good job. This game is amazing and the attention to detail is incredible. From the variety of weapons, vehicles, and heroes the game isn't exactly lacking in content either. However, I do feel that some simple features for balancing matches (competitive game mode) or game mode variety (server browser) should definitely be implemented.


  • Arcade mode in this game vs BF2015 is 2 steps forward, but 1 step backwads. Sure we got the ability to customise blast mode which is great. But no large maps, online coop or star fighters is the step backwards. Even skirmish in the last game let you do that.
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