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5 vs 9, 6 vs 9 ...

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edited December 2017
Lately in Blast I've come to experience quite unbalanced matches. You join a game and you and one other person is in one team and there's already 5 people on the other side. I guess this is due to preformed parties.

And next you watch there's 3 more coming to the other side and still none to your side ... more players from a pre-formed team?

Not to mention the severe disadvantages of PUGs versus an organized team ... losing with 75 tickets is not fun and not something I feel I need over and over again ... it kind of spoils the fun.

As long as there seems to be a population deficit in the game I'd recommend limiting the size of parties. Maybe 2 or max. 3 people. I know people will howl since they want to play with their friends but if 6 players get together only to see opponents quit as soon as they see they're 2 vs. 6 they won't get much gameplay anyway ...
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