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Progression "On Kill" needs a rework, I think

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edited December 2017
Well, to be honest I'm not too happy with the progression as is in the first place. So you have a couple of dudes who REALLY play well and who dominate the end results. They gain more points and rank up faster so that they can upgrade their starcards earlier (except for the "parts" problem as they still do not earn more than the other players) but they'll also get their rewards by completing "500 kills with class" and "250 kills with weapon x" faster than the rest so that they're even MORE deadly now ... in other competitions where good and not so good players are thrown in together the good players get a handicap ... quite the reverse in BF 2 :)

But - apart from that issue - as someone who can squeeze in about two hours of gameplay per day (more on the weekend) I found that while I had more kills than assists initially, the situation is now the exact reverse. My worst game has been with one kill and 15 assists.

I am new to shooters and my lack of experience does, of course, play a role - but I guess the main issue here is that people who have played more than me are now having weapons which do more damage and have a higher rate of fire. Thus they're more likely to get the kill than me with poor aim, less damage and a slower rate of fire.

Imagine in about a month (post X--Mas experience) some new player trying to level specialist with the A280-CE. It took me more than two days to finally get the three burst mode which makes the weapon semi-decent. But in about a month ... I think not so experienced players will need a lot longer to get the 150 kills.

To make a long story short - I think the progression should be changed to eliminations with class or eliminations with weapon instead of kills to give newcomers in a month or so some chance for progression instead of frustrating them with the need to land three perfect headshots to kill someone while everybody else can pop them with one body plus one head. Once they come to realize that in a whole GA match they made only one or two points of progress towards a 500 goal I think some might wonder if it is worth the effort ...


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