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November Community Calendar

Geonosis Season Concept

Very Basic Concept for Geonosis DLC Season.

Mace Windu
Jango Fett

Geonosis Galactic Assault. Would include the arena and some inside areas, but however, would progress to the flatter parts of Geonosis, and destroy the droid ships (those giant, spherical things) with LAATs.

Droid Factory Galactic Assault. Clones try to destroy the droid factory by flooding the factory with lava.

Please tell me if you like this idea.


  • Geonosis map is a must, but is it coming?
  • Usually they release a lightsaber character on both sides, and so mace would have to be put against someone else. Dataminers have found big evidence towards a jango and padme dlc, and it will most likely be Geonosis as that planet was where they both encountered each other.
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