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Fill in the gaps of customization

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edited December 2017
I have a feeling this is already going to be something that EA/Dice are working on or going to be put in the game at some point. But I'd like to see a similar level of customization that we have with our troopers but across the board. For example, the artillery can't be changed at all. I would bet we will see star cards for them at some point maybe. I'd also like to see starfighters getting cards that would replace their abilities with new ones to really fit your playstyle. People have a lot of complaints/disappointments about the Enforcer and Ariel classes but I think they deserve some weapon variants too. Idk how or why you'd make 3 or 4 different types of flamethrowers but I'd just like to see more options in general.


  • The best thing would be unlockables through gameplay, kind of like prestiges. A clone officer could for instance have clone armor with a visor or rangefinder at level 30, a pauldron at 50, kama amd pauldron at 75 etc.
    This would be possible in all the classes including the ariel and enforcer reinforcements.
    But there is a lot that can be done with customization while keeping within canon.
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