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New Maps and Modes and Additions to existing Maps/Modes

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I know everyone is screaming for Conquest as a mode so I'm going to leave that out of this one so DICE sees that big post for Conquest on the forums that has so many peopple wanting it. I'm also hoping for more locations to play on and more modes. Also additions on to the existing maps or different varieties.

Game Modes

For Galactic Assault I would like to see clone offense have the AT-TE or HAVw A5/6 Juggernaut and get some heavy vehicles. For Rebels have a rebel variant of the HAVw A5/6 Juggernaut and they get some heavy vehicles and the Imperials play defense and destroy the tank. First Order would have the AT-M6 Walker. Idk what the resistance would have so I guess upgraded HAVw A6 Juggernaut. Hopefully something new maybe for Resistance so it's not over played with the HAVw A6 Juggernaut.

Would like a Boarding Action mode added too. Basically it's like Galactic Assault but it's infantry based and no vehicles.

Boarding Action (Basically like the scene out of Ep 4 when the Tantive IV was boarded). Basically is is close corridors mainly with one team as the aggressor trying to board the other team's ship while the defenders are trying to repel the offense. The attackers have a time limit and the defenders have ticket count, possibly to make it more interesting and unique. The defenders can use whatever is available on the ship at their disposal like locking doors and auto or remote controlled turrets to delay the attackers but the attackers can destroy the doors and turrets and they are not be repairable and attackers can even shoot the controls and destroy it before the they can be used, like door controls or turret activation panels. Defenders eventually can be pushed to a point where they need to hide if they run out of tickets to try to survive the time limit. If attackers fail to exterminate the other team in time they will lose as the defenders reinforcement ships will arrive to rescue the defenders and destroy the attackers ship. So that's the reason why attackers have a time limit. Through out the novels this has been a thing, not just Tantive IV, but even a star destroyer and by the looks of it even Episode 8 will have a scene like that that Captain Phasma was in and Darth Vader on Rogue One or Super Battle Droids Invade the Coronet so it's happen quiet a few times and would be fun. So we Republic attack CIS, CIS attack Republic, Rebels attack Imperials, Imperials attack Rebels, Resistance attack First Order, and First order attack Resistance. It would be cool to see boarding action like this on ships like Imperial I-class Star Destroyer or the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser.

They could just make it merged into Galactic assault like Death Star II where it has no vehicles on that and it's entirely infantry based. So that way we keep it in 1 mode instead. Maybe instead they just make it objective based with 3/4 phases like it is in Galactic Assault. But maybe add new objectives and gameplay elements into it from SWBFEA1 modes, not the modes themselves, like Extraction, Sabotage, Battle Station, Turning Point, and Infiltration from SWBFEA1.

Also add the trench run and other unique scenarios in space/air battles like from Battle station's trench run. Would also like to see Space Assault brought back, either somehow merged into Starfighter Assault or it's own mode but basically it was where 2 sides battled it out in space with their own Flag Ships and attack each other and try to destroy the other one first. So it's not Attackers vs Defenders Defenders like Galactic Assault and Starship Assault and it's more like Galactic Conquests in space. Maybe instead merge it into Galactic Conquest but space version.

Also add gameplay elements and variants into Strike from the SWBFEA1 like Drop Zone, Droid Run, and Cargo. The modes themselves were in different game modes causing less play-ability as you had to keep switching when you wanted to play a new objective mode. So keeping it all in strike would help.Would like Supremacy to return as well, maybe added into Strike. I loved the tug-o-war aspect. The only way I'll be okay with Hero Hunt is if it has no achievements or milestones for it and you can choose what hero you want to be, regardless if it was last picked, and isn't last shot to be hero. Either most damage or random, so everyone can get a chance. I didn't like how it was too exploited in the original for a long time, that they eventually fixed, where 1 person was it way too many times because he would wait for the hero to be weak, put in little effort, and just run in and take the kill. I'm glad the most updated version removed that. The game can be fun long as no one does that annoying move to get those accomplishments done quicker and irritate the other players like no other.

Arcade Mode add in Hunt mode where players take on the role of the species indigenous to the chosen planet, or of a faction opposed to that species. Not sure if this would work in the main multiplayer that's why I said arcade.

I know they have Arcade mode but still want to play the multiplayer maps and game modes with bots offline. Just so if this game's pop dies after 5 years there is still an offline mode to play because as much controversy over the Micro-transactions, I still think this game has fun replay ability and skirmish showed me it is possible to make this work. Though I'd be fine if this was the last thing they ever add since I know there are a few that don't like it but a lot of old fans of the original series that did like it. I even use to still go back to Star Wars Battlefront 2, after servers for Xbox shutdown, to play and enjoy the Nostalgia.


I have a long list but one can only hope.

Some from the SWBFEA1 like Scarif (it doesn't have to have Jyn Erso or Orson Krennic but stil would be cool), Hutt's palace (I know it's tattooine but it was so much more interesting inside on SWBFEA1), Bespin (Get me a cloud car), and Sullust.

New locations either coming to Star Wars or from campaign or from the orginal Battlefront series like Crait, Ahch-To, Vardos, Pillio, Rhen Var, Dagobah, Mygeeto, Utapau, Geonosis, Felucia, Coruscant, Mustafar, Polis Massa, Alderaan, and Korriban. Hope there are more locations for Episode 8.

What do you guys think?


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