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November Community Calendar
Double XP Event

DICE says that they listen to the community if that is true listen to this

Loot Crates: add cosmetic only crates so it doesnt effect progression or maybe you could put in xp boosts so like rare has 7, uncommon has 5 and common has 5 items just an idea.
Credit Earn: you should revert to SWBF1 system where it gave more for performance this would also fix the afk problam.
Other ideas: if you want to make abit more money players love early access so adding a £10-£20 early access pass would help to elreplace the lost earnings from season pass.


  • And no automatic respawning, that way people AFKing would have to press confirm or something every time they died, and it would then be pointless to AFK
  • If the liars actually "LISTENED" to the community, they would not allow so many hackers in their games.

    I`m sick of the HAX more than ANYTHING.

    The lying-code-chimps don`t even have an in-game reporting system, a recording one: and the vermin never reward people who point out financially rewarding ideas..
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