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December CC

More Weapons and Star Card Ideas

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edited December 2017
Would like to see some returning Cards and Weapons.


EC-17 Scout Pistol, A280C, DH-17, DL-44, DLT-19, E-11, EE-3, RT-97C, T-21, T-21B, DL-18, DLT-19X, RELBY-V10, DT-12, X-8 Night Sniper, CJ-9 BO-Rifle, EE4, K-16 Bryar Pistol, DT-29, and A180

From SWBF Original Series
Shotguns/Bolt Caster - ACP Shotgun, CR-1 Blast Cannon, Arc Caster, E-11e Blast Cannon, DP-23 Shotgun, DN Bolt Caster
Pistols - DC-15s Sidearm Blaster, ST-1 Blaster Pistol, WESTAR-25 Commando Pistol, DL-44a Commando Pistol
Rifles - E-5 Blaster Rifle
Sniper Rifles - DC-15x Sniper Rifle, E-11s Sniper Rifle, E-17d Sniper Rifle, E-5s Sniper Rifle
Rocket/Grenade/Mortar/Radiation Launcher (Engineer/Aerial Specific) - RPS-6, PLX-1 Rocket Launcher, MiniMag PTL Rocket Launcher, HH-15 Missile Launcher, E-60R Rocket Launcher, Radiation Launcher, Bulldog RLR, EMP Launcher

Engineer Class weapons - Hoping they might add an engineer class that way we can add in separate specific cards and weapons. The engineer would also get variants of launchers to choose from and swap out. The Engineer/Pilot Class would have a Shotgun Primary with a Pistol Secondary card, Fusion cutter (for repairing) and rocket launcher for the other 2 cards.

Cards (And powerup as cards from SWBFEA1)

Repeating Blaster Cannon, Medic/Health Droid (FX-7 Droid), Ammo Droid (GNK Droid), Repair Droid (R4 Droid), Pulse Cannon (Not just for Iden), Sensor Droid (like the Viper probe droid and R5-D4 Droid), Bacta Bomb, Dioxis Grenade, Smoke Grenade, T-7 Ion Disruptor (Great for Anti-Land/Air Vehicles).

From SWBF Original Series
Some classics like the TB-47 Time Bomb, R1 Recon Droid/A-1 Auto Turret (like the sensor droid and turrets expect it follows on in proximity and is weaker damage and health and takes longer to lock on), Fusion Cutter (maybe engineer class specific if they add that), Remote Rocket Launcher/Guided Rocket (similar to Homing shot expect you have to guide to target which has perks like you can fire right away and improved damage and no warning of lock on but at the cost that it's not a fire and forget weapon and has to be guided to target and longer cooldown), Beam Rifle (Tusken), Flechette Shotgun, Elite Wrist Blaster, Elite Rifle, Precision Pistol, EMP Grenade, Neuro Toxin, Regeneration, Rage, Rally, Neuro Toxin, LXR-6 Concussion Grenade, Sonic Pistol, Incinerator, Stealth/Camo (this was also seen on some AI bots on SWBFEA1 that had camouflage), Tri-Shot, Jump Pack (replaces jetpack on Aerial trooper, Jet pack will become like an actual jetpack like Boba’s but doesn’t last as long and jump pack will be like how the jetpack is now)

What are some weapons and cards you would like to see in future dlc?


  • Never going to happen. That would require the lazy fools that program the game to do something like work, and think.
  • Never going to happen. That would require the lazy fools that program the game to do something like work, and think.

    Actually I cut out some of the stuff in a post I made back in star wars battlefront 1 from EA on things to add and they added some of this already including the TaunTaun, derivable bombers, And the Galactic Assault mode where inside of Walker Assault where its always Imperials Offense and Rebel Defense, they made it so each side switches on different maps rebels attack imperials etc and not always vehicle based like Death Star II. So there is always a possibility some of this will be in future updates.
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