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December CC

Spawn Times, Team Spawningand partner spawning

When will the spawn times be looked at .. at the moment if your playing a level of strike and a opposing member has the artefact.. sometimes by the time time you have spawned in a jumptrooper has already landed and delivered the package .. far too much time to wait to get back in game. also about time a partner spawn was available,again starting at a spawn point can be a hindrance as sometimes you have opposing members waiting to take you out which is a unfair point, maybe these pawn points sould be out of bounds for the opposing team. One more thing why are there so many duplicates in crates, you spend 4000 credits only to get 4 or 5 duplicates and 25 crafting parts ..very poor in my opinion and you get 200 credits ack per duplicate so infact what you are getting is 1000 credits approx. and 25 crafting parts therefore spending 3000 credits on 25 craft parts in theory.. come on EA sort these out


  • I agree with Cambo67, especially on the point of partner or team spawns. I like to play Battlefront 1 and 2 with a bunch of friends and with BF2's current squad system, it's random as to whether or not we get to form a squad together. Thanks for the game.
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