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Why SW BF2 is a bad Multiplayergame.....NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH

Hello everybody! I do not know if I was too stupid to find the German forum or if there is not one, so I'm just writing my post here.

I played the game extensively for about 2 weeks in the SP and in the MP mode and I have to say that the graphics and the atmosphere make it an incredibly successful game. If you're just a fan of Star Wars, you really enjoy playing it (at least for a while). Although I only played for a few hours in the campaign, I was very impressed.

Now to the points of this game I do not like:
The multiplayer mode offers little or no long-term motivation. Furthermore, there is a lack of proper balancing or "tactical" gameplay. The entry into the MP mode has been designed for me: Without star charts and without the free play **** I tried so long to force through the maps until I finally had usable **** and star charts.

But until that happens, you have really hard chances to play in the front rankings (maybe it was my skill). It sets itself relatively quickly frustration / boredom, as the modes of the maps are very strong and also not very varied.
The maps are sometimes so badly thought out that only one side can have fun on the map (either attacking or defending) .... On the said maps there are, for example, only 3 approaches to get into the bomb room and if the enemy is there To meet for a happy camping, you just run stupid through one of the entrances and has no realistic chance to make a difference.

In the big multiplayer maps, it's only important not to have lots of bots in the team (Leeching credits does not seem to be a problem and will not be penalized by EA, as on most maps bots just jump on the spot) and quickly collect combat points to be able to play heroes ... because they simply shave off the normal squads without them even having the slightest chance against the hero.
Actually, a cool idea to have to meet several successive goals but for my taste just too unbalanced by the heroes ... In addition, you often have the pleasure 5 minutes on the map to run around and then cash in on some corner headshot of a sniper. ... and then you can run around again for 5 minutes .... Achso .... in the end I remember one .... It makes no sense at all to play MP in a group, because by the " Squad Spawn "It's almost impossible to team up ... It's a pity you just run around on 2/3 of the maps and there's no tactic behind the game.

Why is there no "Ranked" mode in which you can compete in groups ....
I think that an additional mode, e.g. turn-based S & D could bring a little more tactics into the game.

Why must the entry be so stony (bad **** and no star charts)?
Why is there no further motivation, such as Cosmetic items? = Because once you have the good **** and star charts: Does it even less sense to gamble MP ....

I hope that maybe updates / DLCs will help me to find some of this stuff in this game again, otherwise it would have been just kicked-out money .....

That was an awful lot of howling around now: I think everybody wants to play the game in Mp mode for a longer time ... have often thought: This game is actually so cool! Unfortunately not thought over at all ....

Greeting Furios


  • Black0utz
    124 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Hey Furios,

    I'm german, too. And I will try my best but my english isn't that well.

    I'm think SWBF2 has MANY things to work about, like you already said.

    - The Matchmaking is crap, I have to play against the same "freaks" again and again if i don't leave (yes more then the 2 rounds attacker and defender)
    - The Balancing isn't good at all. As you said, there are maps and groups on it who has a higher chance to win than the other.
    - Heroes are OP. Not the heroes themself but if they come together the other team doesn't have a chance at all. Had some rounds where the emperor, Vader and Kylo worked together and overran the whole team because you couldn't bring them down (Emperor shocked, while Kylo and Vader killed or Kylo freezed, while the other two killed). I had a round where they made 4 (!) Checkpoints with only 7 troups loss
    - Spawn points: The fact that you can farm spawn points is ridiculous. Best example is Hoth again. I maid a fun video, because I got killed and the second I spawned an X-Wing killed my whole spawned Squad... Well done...
    - The lags....woow.... 2 controllers are broke because they can't handle the goddamn lags xD

    But in my opinion the game has long-term motivation. Collecting all cards for all classes is a long-term motivation. There is a datamining about glamour, too.

    And I think the cards in normal plays (excluding Heroes vs. and starfights) aren't making such a big difference. I had zero cards myself and can't feel a huge difference now. Maybe a little because I can customize the char the way I want but the only big impact are the weapons you can get later in game (or in boxes).

    And you should wait for the upcoming events (like the one starting today). I guess they will do some stuff to hold us in the game.

    Greetz Blackoutz
    "Resistance to the pit of misery! Dilly! Dilly!"
    - Kylo Ren via iPhone -
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