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November Community Calendar

Blake Jorgensen

If Blake Jorgensen cares so much about keeping to Star Wars canon then why put cross era heroes/villains?

Why play prequel music on old trilogy and new trilogy maps?

Why make the empire scout trooper a female? (First sight of scout troopers in ROTJ were male).

Why use Dee Bradley Baker to voice the clones? When Temuera Morrison is the visual template for the clones and voices Boba Fett? (Who is also a Jango Fett template). I get DBB was a great voice actor for the clones but for continuity sake use Morrison. Especially when the clones look like Morrison.

You wouldn't put Mace Windu in a game then get some random African American guy to voice him would you? You'd get Samuel Jackson for goodness sake.

That's not sticking to the canon.
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