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Perseption is reality.

I am not going to sit here and cry about IF people exploit or cheat in this game.

The simply fact is there is a lot of things going on in this game that simply do not add up.

It has been proven without a doubt that people can and will gain massive amounts of Battle points in this game by killing NPCs. The fact that you are rewarded and now given even great reward in a multi player game for focusing on killing Non players is an exploit there is simply no argument that can be made to suggest other wise. A simply google search will net you countless video's that show step by step how to cheat the system from every side on every map.

It seems to get worse every day. And if its not dealing with the intense power of multi hero attacks because a few people exploit the system to gain access to these heros. It what seems to be very buggy content or flat out hacked content. If someone can explain to me how I get killed with one shot from a base pistol held by a lvl 0 from across the entire map through 2 walls 3 players and an ion cannon I would love a good laugh and I am sure the other 3 players that person killed with that same one shot would enjoy the laugh too. Or how I can unload a heavy repeater into the back of the head of an assault class without getting a kill. Not that I mind the 300 points I got for doing it plus 110 for the death when they turn around and one shot me.

This game will very soon be over run with hackers cheaters and exploiters taking advantage of an environment that rewards cheating because the devs. are too busy trying to find a way to give great reward to those who gain the most Battle points through exploit or not. They should be focusing on the very real issues that make this game no fun.

I do hope it is not the intent to reward cheating but the fact remains that is what is going on.

I do understand that many will see this a another cry post. And I respect your right to those feelings but remember this is simply my perception because of what I have experienced and as I see the reality of the game.


  • I`m also sick to death of hackers.

    One example yesterday...
    I shot a guy 8 or 9 times in the back at close range with a good trooper gun, in a battle, as I was just a couple of meters right behind him... and I Saw Every Single Shot HIT him (plus my team were shooting him also to the front)... and he was not injured. (He was looking & shooting my team in front of him). After me shooting him constantly for about 6 seconds, he turned and one-shot killed me with his pistol.

    I Have THOUSANDS of hours in games like CS:GO and have had cheaters banned, but this game just seems to allow rampant cheaters, which will ensure I never buy from EA again until its fixed..
    I also stopped buying items on CS:GO due to cheaters.

    It would be nice if we could waterboard all hackers.
  • SWBF 2015 has tons of hackers on PC, but I haven’t seen any in this game. Of course that will change, and I haven’t seen any news of a good anticheat solution coming.
  • Same with Starfighters. Fighters with no offensive cards can kill you before you can even lock with full ugrades. Cheaters get to score up to three times as much as the folks that have played many hours for inferior results.
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