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Fix Speeder Bikes on Endor ASAP

Those literally ruin the map for me. I was playing lando and went into the trees to specifically avoid being one shot ran over, but the guy got into the tree village and ran me over? How is that even possible? It is the most dissapointing thing to get killed by in the game. Also, I played as the AT-RT and a speeder charged at me full speed, KILLING me at full health, but he only got damaged a little. Fix your bikes. PLEASE


  • A dev posted they are fixing vehicles running over heroes.
  • t3hBar0n wrote: »
    A dev posted they are fixing vehicles running over heroes.

    They should still do decent damage, but I was literally just Vader and was one shot by it grazing me at 2km/hr.
    We need a Tier System for the Heroes. It would justify the "op-ness" of Vader over Han and Chewbacca. It would cost much more to unlock Vader, and would require you to save a lot more than for other heroes and vehicles, but it would be rewarding in the end...

    "It would essentially ruin the eras and turn them into nothing much more than the same thing and same experience but with a different skin. Which is contrary to the point in having eras in the first place." - ZmanGames
  • It's to ok to take out by them but not with low speed and if he just touches me. Today someone drove slower than with a shopping cart and he touched me briefly on the side. One hit. Great. I avenged twice (killed his Yoda with turret and his Rey with Melee :), but it annoys. I actually manage to avoid these speeders and kill the drivers, but it still annoys.. Actually, I always play the Emperor, the jump and the spin help, but other heroes can not dodge easily or jump on containers.
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