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Starfighter Assault: Endor defending side impossible

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Hi there,

Is it just my bad luck or is the Endor map on starfighter assault really that unballanced? I have never seen the Imperials win as defenders. This is also the only win to have to get the full multiplayer completition achivement but unimportant how hard i try, we never win that map.

The section where you have to destroy the mines is that hard that you loose all your reinforcements.


  • Yes, it's difficult. No, it isn't -that- hard to succeed.

    The mines are trivial, really. Use a bomber; zig-zag between mines; take out stray enemies; use debris to stay alive. What's less trivial is to keep the NPC bombers alive, so you won't lose too many tickets next round. That'll be problematic for the top/bottom nodules, which maybe are a tad too sturdy, and the engines. What's evidently of humongous difficulty for most, however, is to play as members of a team - helping out on objectives - and not padding one's own score. That is why you fail.
  • Nihil
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    Well I'm used to play with bombers almost every time, and this map is extremely difficult with a bomber. YOu are very vry slow, and until you could zig-zag between debris, you get taken out by interceptors in no time. And the mines are always in cover from your spawn, so you have to get around the debries first.

    And an additional difficulty is that every time you spawn, the game is showing only 1 target marker on the screen, and don't know instantly where to fly.
  • Yeah, I get what you're struggling with. It can be a pain indeed. But, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the situation.

    First, you're slow, but not helpless. Don't fly in a straight line, weave around up/down/sideways while heading to your goal. Much harder to hit, and you can survive the odd shot as long as you don't get a full stream of lasers. You have a scrambler, use it.

    Second, you're armed to the teeth. Try to shoot back. You've got two sets of missiles. Both are good against enemies, because they force them to take evasive action. That buys you time to reach your objectives, and it buys time for your allies to do the same. The missiles recharge fast enough that you can use them again after reaching the mines, cruisers and nodules, or at least on your second pass thereof.

    Third, don't stay in one place. If all you can do is to make a brief laser pass of one mine, do so, then move on to the next. If there's an enemy in front of you, take it out, but don't fall for the temptation to stick with it to get a kill (I do that too often). There's no added value in taking out something one by one, so just do what damage you can, and leave the rest to the rest of your team.

    Hope this is somewhat helpful. :-)
  • Oh, forgot to add:
    If you find that it's impossible to reach the objective with your bomber, that's a sign you've got too many bombers, and not enough fighters/interceptors for protection. Or, your team-mates aren't doing a good job protecting you. Either way, that's when it's a good idea to switch starfighters. Make the Rebels pay. You can still do - a lot - of damage to objectives; give them a strafe or missile whenever you pass by. :-)
  • MovieFan555
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    edited December 2017
    This map used to frustrate me to death, especially the 'mines' portion, where it felt like my team always lost. A clutch tip is to attack the mines from the back (Rebels) side, where you get way clearer shots at them. Ever since learning this trick, it feels like my team's win rate as the Imperials is close to 50/50.

    As others have said, you need to be an objectives-focused player, and hope that your team is too, for this trick to be effective.
  • One tip, strafe the mines, and hop from one mine to another. Don't focus on destroying the mine in one run. Use the debris as cover .
    It would be more fun if a team could cover the bombers, but that's rare.

    And maybe offtopic: give us joystick support. I'm waiting to use my HOTAS as my perfect TIE buddy.
  • At this point I wouldn't say any SA map is really unbalanced. More often than not it just falls to how good one team is overall compared to another. If all the enemy has to do is kill fighters, and they have two or three players that are really good hunters, it's going to be rough. But if those same players are on the attacking team, you'll have an easier time as a bomber because they'll be busy slaughtering everyone. Like with all team-based multiplayer games, the majority of the battle is dictated by overall team skill. The issue at hand is rarely the map itself. You could be just getting really unlucky with your teams lately.

    On another note, am I the only one that thinks the buffed reinforcement count is a little too much for SA? It once felt like the defenders had the advantage, but now it feels like the attackers do since they get so many more tickets at each stage. At first it wasn't enough, and now it feels like too much. Same for Galactic Assault.
  • Nihil
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