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Just doing a bit of math, some of which has built in assumptions since some stats are simply unknown. Please correct me if I'm wrong in any of this...

For 4000 credits I get 2 trooper cards plus 1/3 of a chance for a 3rd card (assuming an equal chance of trooper/Starfighter/Hero card). So, for every 2200 credits, the trooper box will drop, on average, 1 trooper card. in terms of crafting parts, a trooper crate drops 60 (can less than 60 drop?) for those 4000 credits, or 33 crafting parts for every 2200 credits.

By comparison, the hero crate has a 1 in 3 chance of dropping a trooper card (again, assuming an equal chance of trooper/Starfighter/Hero card). So, there is 3x greater value in terms of obtaining Trooper cards via the Trooper crate. In terms of crafting parts, the her crate drops either 35 crafting parts of 50. Assuming an equal chance of either, you will receive an average of 42.5 crafting parts for every 2200 credits spent. So, even after the Trooper crate crafting parts buff, you still receive 9.5 more crafting parts for every 2200 credits spent with the Hero crate.

Which is better?

It's tough to say. Certainly if you prioritize hero cards over trooper cards for whatever reason the Hero crate is a no brainer. 9.5 crafting parts per 2200 credits can certainly add up as well. On the other hand, that extra trooper card per 2200 credits in the Trooper crate is basically an extra 40 crafting parts (+22 per 2200 credits) at a minimum and possibly far more since getting 3x more cards means 3x the chance of a much more expensive and rare card dropping. With this in mind, the Trooper box might start to look good.

So, we arrive at the point of uncertainty. What's better, 9.5 more crafting parts that are targeted at exactly what you want, or getting better value with the Trooper crate but with the risk that much of that value is contingent on actually having a card you want actually dropping. It's fair to say that if it's a card you want, then you've probably already dropped the 40 crafting parts to nab it, so what we really need to know is the ratio of cards we want vs the cards we don't, and most important, the drop rate of greens and blues, which I believe is hidden information. what you want?



  • EDIT: so the Trooper crate drops 45 or 60 crafting parts, for an average of 52.5 crafting parts per trooper crate, or 28 7/8 crafting parts per 2200 credits. So the advantage of the hero crates in crafting parts is actually up to 13 5/8th per 2200 credits spent.

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