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General hero balancing ideas

Yoda -
Jumping off a ledge with his dash won't ruin his momentum when he lands on the ground

Luke Skywalker -
Rush doesn't ruin his momentum and temporarily boosts his speed after using it
Force push and repulse deal increased damage to infantry

Han Solo -
Can still roll when sharpshooter is active

Princess Leia -
Anyone blinded by the flash grenade can't see the red outline of enemies

Chewbacca -
Bowcaster charges faster
Larger AOE for charge slam

Lando Calrissian -
Enemies don't get hit markers when they shoot through his smoke grenade
Enemies can't see outlines through it
Aim assist won't work when aiming at it

Rey -
Mind trick can be blocked

Darth Vader -
Fixes for force choke clunkiness

General Changes -
All heroes get a restore health on kill card
No regen cap in HvV
If you get hit by any sort of stun, you'll be immune from being stunned again for 10 seconds
Infantry can't escape lightsabers by rolling
Ponds main

Officer of The Knights of Gareth
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