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[Flash Pistol] For Specialist?

I would like to start things off by saying that the flash pistol is surprisingly effective. It does 35 damage per shot with a high rate of fire, putting it at a slightly higher performance than that of the default blaster pistol of the Officer. It is most definitely a solid sidearm, although the most interesting feature is the secondary fire which results in a blinding effect with a short duration. Initially I was uncertain about how the blinding effort worked, but after some testing I discovered that it functions much like a normal blast from the flash pistol, meaning it is single target blinding effect applied to the opponent who is shot which can be fired consecutively. When tested against A.I. opponents, they seemed to only respond as if blinded when struct twice by the blinding shot. Headshots did not appear to make a difference. I am uncertain about the number of shots required to effectively blind a player opponent as I have not witnessed its effects.

The flash pistol proved to be a weapon both neat and effective, however, I found myself wondering why it was decided to give that sidearm to Assault rather than Specialist. Not to say it isn't a valuable tool for Assault, but its use seemed to come down to personal preference as the standard firearms for Assault can all perform effectively within the same range covered by the flash pistol. In addition, the flash effect, which is the main selling point, seems unnecessary in the hands of Assault which already has effective dueling capabilities without the need for an additional detrimental effect.

Meanwhile, Specialist has the EE-4 and the stinger pistol for side arms. The EE-4 possess a limited duration designed to provide a situational boost in power. It's not quite the same as the stringer pistol or flash pistol which have no limit on their duration. The stringer pistol is, quite honestly, horrendous. After striking an opponent, tiny increments of damage will add up to approximately 21 damage over a duration of roughly five seconds. Based on that information, it seems that eight shots must connect to deal enough damage to take out an opponent with 150 health. Considering that Specialist only has 100 health, they do not have the time to shoot an opponent eight times within close quarters.

Now let's say that the stringer pistol was reworked to bring it in line the rest of the blaster pistols in the game. It would be an improvement, no doubt, but Specialist would still be hard pressed to come out victorious in a close quarter engagement. This is where the flash component of the flash pistol comes in. Against an equally skilled opponent, a Specialist equipped with a pistol will not win against any other class at close range unless some other effect is put into play that can even the playing field. Blinding an opponent can achieve exactly that, thus providing the Specialist with a fighting chance.

TLDR: I wish the flash pistol was available to Specialist.



  • +1 I hate that the class is called "specialist" but only has access to sniper rifles as primary, and the a280 sucks as semi auto rifle due to low damage. While i like the idea of getting the flash pistol it would probably be a star card so i have to sacrafice another card to get it which is still a negative for me, but i guess it is an improvement.
  • I was wishing this exact thing out just now. I was testing the stinger pistol, and I was like "gee, this is garbage. I wish this was the flash pistol."
  • I agree. This was one of the first things that irked me when I started playing Battlefront II. I say either switch the Specialist Class' Stinger Pistol Star Card with the Assault Class' Flash Pistol Star Card, or add the EC-17 to the Specialist's selection of weapons.

    Even though it's quite effective, I'm not a fan of the secondary flash bolt function DICE created for Battlefront II, but more importantly, I hate not being able to use the EC-17 when playing as a Scout Trooper.
    "All wings report in."
  • Agreed. It's really annoying I can't use the Scout Trooper's hold out blaster pistol when playing as a Scout Trooper.
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