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"You also must understand that this process takes time to address the game after launch" HAHAHAHA

"You also must understand that this process takes time to address the game after launch and is not done in week one and no one can do that for various reasons." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Name three successful AAA games that had this many bugs and glitches and balance issues as well as easy to fix flaws that took more than a week to fix. I DARE YOU TO NAME THREE.

You got a team of how many people and how long is it taking to fix game breaking flaws?
buddy if no one could do that for "various reasons" you need to find a new team cause apparently yours is remarkably incompetent and not qualified.

fix your game.

Please feel free to add potential ways to fix these problems i.e reducing the cost of crates for the time being so there would maybe be less rubberbanders and would make progression fun for a while while you come up with a real fix.


  • I have now removed your duplicate thread similar to this and will be closing this one down. Do not recreate this as next time you will get a time out.

    The team is working on reported issues and they will be addressed with future updates but you quoting me from another thread to call me out like this wont be tolerated.

    Also, any game has bugs and issues and if you really think they are all solved in week one then I dont know what else to tell you other then that you are sadly wrong.

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