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Everything reset to default

So yesterday when i opened my game all my star cards where unequipped weapons all set back to default starting weapon and arcade was all back to 0 stars on all even tho i have completed them all. Luckily i still have all my cards and guns just had to set it all back up and still have smuggler skin for han for doing all the arcade this happen to anyone else?


  • It's due to the patch preparation. It happened the other times they were on the verge of launching an update. Client-side, you still retain all your star cards, skins, and weapons/mods with you. But serverside, since they are off right now in preparation for today's update, the server can't check what you have unlcoked to allow you to use it.

    Keep calm, once the patch is released you'll have everything back.
  • I have this issue stlll now and it’s been a couple of months
  • I got my account back from a Hacker
    Is there a way to achieve that so I can have a more Fulfilling gaming experience?
  • Does anybody here now how to reset a class? Because a few days ago I hopped on swbf2 to play the new gamemode. And when I select the heavy class I noticed I had a smart ion grenade equipped, that star card is only for the assault class and I cant unepuip it from my heavy class. How do i fix this?
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