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Star wars Battlefront 2 vs. Star wars Battlefront 1



  • d0kRX
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    Kniphtee wrote: »
    Waffles or pancakes? Both breakfast foods - good enough - but the Battlefront games play totally different. Prefer BF2 but only for a few reasons, kind of like the nostalgia for Noshahr Canals from BF3 or the base jump in Damavand Peak or the phantom game of BF4 and the community map but comparing BF3 to BF4 (while similar) is strawberries to grapes - both fruit and both grow on a vine of a sorts but quite different. More extraction maps please.

    I tell this to my cousin in an attempt to get him to play BF2 some more but he won't listen. To him BF2 is garbage and will be forever.
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  • bfloo wrote: »
    Graphics/ sound The explosions and blasters had better sounds in the last game.

    I'm going to go with the last game for graphics too because it was easier to spot enemies.
    Bf 2015 has more realistic looking graphics and the troop movement was more fluid/ smooth and realistic .Jabba's palace is just one of the many maps that looked better in 2015. the trap in the floor lacks depth and looks like a black floor mat, or 2 dimensional spot that was painted on the floor.
    They tried to do too much in BF 2, and got bogged down with the minuscia. To many icons and little things that chew up a lot of space.
  • lancekilkenny65
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    edited July 2018
    Yep... i think i started this thread and have not been back since... every time i am even tempted... I remember how longit takes just to load and don't want to sit through that... I have a 100mbps connection... and then there is the boredome and lack of meaningful objectives... nope, nope, nope!
  • jollykh
    32 posts Member
    Sorry, but BF15 if FAR superior than BF2 in the one category that makes all the difference in the world: It's fun. I hate the HvV in BF2. I hate everything about the game. I think the problem is that it's not a continuation of BF15. They make you re-learn the game again, which sucks because many people invested so much time in BF15. But EA/DICE just gave them the middile-finger. When BF15 first launched there were only 3 heroes and 3 villains. This was GREAT because it forced you play as each Heroe or Villain to get to know them. Then they teased you by releasing fun characters like Niem Num or Greedo. Then they would release additional characters, one at a time. It built a lot of buzz and anticipation. In BF2, they throw just about every friggin Star Wars character into the mix. It's like a mosh-pit of characters that you choose from. BF2 is just a darker game. The makers were too concerned about making a game that appeals to folks who play Call of Duty or Battlefield instead of making a unique game that appealed to the people who made the game popular to being with.
  • 4RG0mon
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    edited August 2018
    DORRITO wrote: »
    Personally, I enjoy the 'feel', customization, and game modes in BF1 much more than BF2. Plays more like the original battlefront games, and most bf2 maps don't touch how fun walker assault was.

    However, I think the starfighter mode in bf2 is brilliant! (still not sure how i feel about no auto roll moves, but thats ok).

    Hopefully in 3 they can combine the 2, make it feel more like the old games, and give us galactic conquest with space maps where you can land your fighter!

    That is exactly how I feel. Starfighter assault is insanely fun, but I definitely prefer Battlefront 2015, overall. Quite frankly, Battlefront 2 has been a miserable gaming experience, aside from Starfighter Assault.

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  • I prefer Battlefront 2 in every way (so far).
    Never forget
  • Unwarycoin wrote: »
    I prefer Battlefront 2 in every way (so far).

    A bit harsh from my (now broken) hero hunt losing streak, but while I do like battlefront 2 more (I'm used to how you play as vehicles and heroes in that game, and enjoy the mechanics more, especially running), I still enjoy battlefront (and C-3PO and R2-D2's bickering if the screen goes idle).
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  • When I said a bit harsh, I meant that I was being a bit harsh, just sending this note because it looks kinda unclear.
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  • So, getting 10 kills as a vehicle in the first battlefront is annoying, I'm in an empty lobby in fighter squadron, waiting for three more players to show up, and I have 8 out of 10 kills before I could beat the daily challenge. I still prefer battlefront 2.
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  • Update, I got the last two kills as an AT-ST in walker assault.
    Never forget
  • There's no question that Starfighter Assault (SA) in SWBF2 was a HUGE upgrade to the fun (but gets stale fast) Fighter Squadron mode in the first BF (2015). Objective-based maps with phases as opposed to a giant furball with the occasional ('Oh, here comes the shuttle/transport' so protect/destroy it!') make that mode head and shoulders above its predecessor. You can't roll your ship on its axis either in the first game which is very strange to go back to now.. I find the flight controls far superior in SWBF2.

    SWBF1 had terrific maps (although a lousy DLC rollout strategy that completely fragmented the player base...utter *****) and Walker Assault is the best game mode they've come up with so far. Galactic Assault (GA) has some fun maps and objectives but there is not enough content in the current GA map rotation. GA should be the focal game mode of SWBF2 and it under-delivered if you ask me.

    RE: Porting in maps. It's just lazy. SWBF1 maps into SWBF2 is just lazy (i.e. Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, etc). I mean, if I want to play those maps, I'll load up the first game and forego the ability to roll back/forward.

    I agree with many posters here that CARGO should have been added. CTF is a staple of shooters and should be in SWBF2.

    I'm glad Hero Hunt was removed as that was the most uninspired game mode ever conceived.

    I play and enjoy both games but do prefer the class system of SWBF2 as opposed to just figuring out what pre-set Star Card hand you wanted to use in SWBF1.

    Can they please bring back the Orbital Strike map market alert for SWBF2?

  • Since the various fixes I've been playing BF2 significantly more than I played '15 but I'm downloading BF1 now to compare. I remember BF1 also launched to outrage but that was over its anemic initial offerings; now that both games are closer to being finished products I'm excited to compare maps, ttk/hit boxes etc. I remember distinctly that BF1 felt like a big pretty ride, shallow but gorgeous. Again, though, that was after only playing briefly around launch time. Also like the idea that BF1 has less of the new trilogy in it.
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