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Any tips for dealing with air vehicles as infantry?

I joined a couple games today on the new map and old map and air vehicles were just wrecking infantry.

I equipped ION shot and anti vehicle turret to no avail, I 'd get damage notifications but didn't seem to deter them one bit.

It felt like being fish in a barrel.

Notice I said "as infantry" I tried to get an air vehicle to counter them but none were available either due to points or they were taken.

Why are infantry just sitting ducks on some of the maps? No cover , objectives out in the open , etc.

Are these just 'gimme' maps for air vehicles?


  • I don't think there is much you can do - effectively - against aircraft. Basically get in a fighter and take them down air-to-air.

    I've used Ion Turrets and placed them "strategically" to launch at fighters doing specific runs, with limited success, but that usually comes from annoying the fighters enough for them to do strafing runs at me, which they crash into objects, so its not much of a counter play. I did get my revenge on a snowspeeder who spawn killed me about 5 times in a row, so I set up my Ion Turret so it looked parallel to the path of the AT-AT he was circling for a tow cable kill, and the turret locked and took care of him; however, I think he was already heavily damaged, so it might have been luck.

    Only thing I can offer is to learn the paths of the fighters - where they are strafing, etc - and continually move your turrets to "catch them". Placing them on inclined surfaces so they "point upward" helps with locking on.

    But, as the turrets stand now, they're not much use against aircraft, sadly.
  • Snipers work.

    Some games I just sit in the map shooting aircraft down or at least helping teammate aircraft.
  • stevenomes
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    They used to have a card in bf2015 I think it was called ion disruptor. It was a gun you had to charge up but could kill small aircraft in one shot if you hit direct. There are you tube videos of this guy just shooting down aircraft with it in montage and then doing the Tusken raider emote. I don't know if they have the same card in bf2 or if it is as effective. Hard to aim it hough that for sure. I tried once and manage it get a hit with one in 5 shots.
  • ion attachment, ion missile, heavy ion missile turret, heavy sentry gun, pretty much anything that has ion on it... i prefer explosive though.
  • I think there is an ion smart grenade too
  • i use heavy with ion torpedo & anti-vehicle turret
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