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Captain Phasma Review

Let me just say... she is disappointing. I just played a game with her on Endor, I don't think I got one kill with her, just all assists. Her gun's spread is far too large, and ranged damage is terrible. Her heal ability is good, and the cooldown is short, no problems there. Her droid is... underwhelming. It does nothing and I say nothing. And, don't get me started with the shock staff. It swings sooooooooo slow. I was at full health, and a heavy sneaks up behind me. I turn around, maybe 4 meters away, and swing the staff. It misses, even though it's a staff and he was right in my face. It took so long to pull the staff back up, for whatever reason, the heavy melted my health. Like you use the ability and your immobile. It should be a quick swing and out, not a baseball batter going up to the plate, getting ready to swing, swinging, then waiting for the next pitch. Anyway, the heavy melted my health. This time, I got CLOSER, swung my staff, AND IT MISSED AGAIN! How useless. I ended up getting killed by one heavy. I was excited to play as her but she is pretty bad.
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