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Remove reinforcements from Blast

Playing Blast to finally knock out that final sniper weapon unlock, it's ridiculous how huge of an advantage you get over the entire enemy team using either of the 2 power classes. The Jet trooper has extreme mobility and much higher health, giving even more of an already huge advantage since they can just camp at the top of certain maps just raining down fire just to run away and heal if they take any damage, which also is the same issue with the armor reinforcements in Galactic Assault. And then the Enforcer gets massive damage buffs and quite a bit more health that can take on almost the entire team at once and kill at least all of them, worst case scenario is trading 1 death for 5 or 6 kills. Either completely remove them or make them cost more lives when they die. 3 for Aerial, 5 for Enforcer. Think about how ridiculous reinforcement spam is, period, while you're at it. Tanks should not be able to snipe from the back of the map and heal all damage at all times.


  • CornellAKABCM
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    edited December 2017
    Yes, please. I'm trying to grind weapons and mods too, but I'm forced to leave the game the instant people start using reinforcements like a bunch of losers.
  • Well you can’t be these special classes permanently. Keep it as is or else Blast is just boring.
  • Oh yes because Team Deathmatch has never been entertaining for literally anyone in any game ever where there's no special classes at all. Please try thinking 1st next time.
  • Yes please get rid of them. As much as I like dominating as the rebel/resistance rocket jumpers, it makes it too unbalanced.
    I can carry teams by myself by switching to the jumpers.
  • On top of that, the good guys get a massive advantage having Wookiees with Thermal Imploders while the evil side gets the Super Battle droid with its wrist rocket and the flame grenade and Sonic Imploder are next to useless in damage, giving the wookiees a huge advantage
  • Its not that big of a problem the reinforcements aren't that hard to kill if you know what your doing. removing them would make blast dry
  • "It would make it dry" Oh yeah, because literally every other game with team deathmatch is boring just because it has regular people in it and not super-powered tanks
  • Should I repeat it again for everyone too ignorant to look at the rest of the topic?
  • bfloo
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    I played yesterday for the challenge and I wasn't really a fan of them being there.
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  • It gets really bad when the opposing team starts running the WW train. Now if the reinforcements where equal there would be no problem but WW > SBD, Death Trooper and Flame Trooper. Most of the time the ones with the most kills are those who were playing the WW.
  • I can vouch for that. WHen I finished my sniper kills for the NT-242, I switched to the warrior because I had enough points and thought "why not?" Yeah, they are extremely powerful. The bowcaster alone is ridiculous. Then add in the full-auto multi-shot one, the thermal imploder that has way more all-around usefulness than any of the villain's explosives, and then the health regen they all get just makes the wookiee clearly superior in every way.
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