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What I feel should be nerfed/fixed

Here is the list of things that I personally think should be nerfed, after playing this game for some time.

First off, the wookie worrier needs a damage reduction, or slower firing rate. It does far more damage than the dark side reinforcements, and it's explosive is the best out of them too. I feel it melts health of heroes too quickly.

Next up, supercharged sentry. I feel like this ability is all too powerful. Get rid of the health regen to it, and make it even slower when plays use it. That means slower turn speed, more time to charge up to start shooting, and you walk slower. This would help with killing the user easier, while keeping the same punch it's supposed to have. Also, increase the recharge rate to prevent spam. (maybe add 5 seconds overall)

Next up, explosive shots of all kind. This isn't really a nerf as much as it is a bug fix. It seems all explosive shot effects, like wookie worrier bowcaster or supercharged sentry can go through shields of any kind, being squad shield or personal shield. This pretty much makes the shield useless, considering you still take damage while in it from the outside. Please fix this Dice!

An easy Vanguard nerf is to be implemented as well. I just think the spread needs to be increased at a range a bit, as it feels like it has too much power at a range. Also, vanguard users should be very loud, to prevent getting killed from behind in one shot as a hero.

Darth Vader's force choke and Chewbacca's shock grenade are OP in heroes vs villains. I really don't have a solution now, but I hope you guys can think of one. It's strange because these abilities are fine vs infantry.

Ion turret needs a lock on nerf. It locks on and fires too quickly. Adjust this!

Cr-2 feels like it melts too quickly. Maybe a slight, and I say slight, damage reduction.

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head now. I want to know what you guys think. And please, don't come in here shouting "this needs a nerf!" with no feedback, because that doesn't help the devs figure out what they need to fix. Thanks!


  • Ahh! I forgot to add that Heroes should no longer be seen on the radar as that pesky dot, considering they are a lot weaker from last game.
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