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"The Defender" Milestone still not completing correctly

I would imagine big milestones would be one of the focuses of patches, but this is still not tracking properly no matter how many times I win as the First Order in the Unknown Reaches. Is this a still universal problem or is it now just me?


  • Still happening.
  • I have the same problem. I win on Kamino, in the post game screen it says that I have completed The Defender but when I go to the career tab, The Defender is still at 4/5

    This is with the latest patch, as it happened to me just a few days ago. (I’m on PS4)
  • I'm having trouble with darth mauls "kill five people in one match with spin attack" milestone. I get five kills in match with spin attack and it shows that the milestone went up at the end of the round.

    Then I got to milestones at home screen and it says that I have nothing accomplished again in that milestone. I think that this is happening to lots of different milestones. This happened to me yesterday.
  • I feel like they're doing it on purpose so no one gets the 500 crystals.
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