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Completing the Tear Them Apart challenge

I originally had a bit of trouble with the Embrace the Dark Side Arcade battle so I thought I’d post a guide for my First Order brothers.

Git Iden Versio with Cooled Blaster (TL-50 builds less heat) and just run and gun, and barely stop moving because the timer’s against you.

Turn left into the castle’s main courtyard walled entrance and hit the troops coming out of the breached wall, then head through the main doors. Just spam your primary fire into everyone’s faces as you go.

Watch the radar closely throughout. The next group will come from your right, run straight into them.

Stay mostly indoors and always be running towards the largest concentration of enemies.

Don’t care about your health or dying. Rush into groups and just keep spraying at heads. If you die, your timer stops, and you respawn and just sprint towards the next group of Resistance scum who want fire in their faces.

Hope cannot save them.
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