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Take Out The Leader needs more leniency

Using the Fighter class to attack Hero ships is all fine and dandy, but when we are required to be the one that actually kills them, it makes this trophy/milestone extremely difficult to obtain since everyone is firing at the hero in question, making the final kill down to pure chance. That milestone needs to be toned down to assists in addition to the kills, especially since most heroes suicide whenever getting close to death to prevent the attacker from getting the points from the kill. It's the only fighter milestone I have left, and it should be pretty obvious why, same obviousness goes for the Aggressor milestone (cough, cough) Endor (cough, cough)


  • Just takes time and dedication like any other difficult trophy. I don't think it needs to be any easier, if you're focusing on hero ships and have decent cards you should be able to get at least one per match. I had the best luck with shooting down weaker ships like Yodas. But yeah you have like a 1 in 5 chance of getting the kill if it's the falcon or slave since so many people focus those. If you're fighting the falcon I recommend using your laser barrage just when the health is less than a quarter and you have a good chance of getting the kill.
  • If all of the achievements were easy then everyone would have them.

    Then We would hear the out cry that there wasn’t enough to do.

    Its good that there are milestones of varying degrees of difficulty. Its called depth and balance.
  • I have finnished all those milestones to include winning on endor as attacker it just requires the team as a whole to play objective hard is all even then it gets close but is possible.
  • Because relying on the enemy team to pick a specific ship to make my job possible through my personal ability and not rely entirely on luck is a great idea for a milestone. And as I was typing this, I won on Endor. Go figure XD
  • Does killing a hero ship as a fighter class hero ship count? Aka Luke and Iden
  • The_Levens wrote: »
    Does killing a hero ship as a fighter class hero ship count? Aka Luke and Iden


    In fact only Maul's Scimitar has a milestone with precisely this requirement.
  • EV02AAA
    720 posts Member
    I agree with th advice to stop going after the Falcon and Slave 1. I get loads of hero ship kills from distance without even really knowing that they are hero ships - especially Yoda, Iden and Taillle.
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