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August Community Calendar

Starkiller base Rebels locked

So tell me it's just a map rotation and RNG and ect.....but after I got dropped 4 times in a row into starkiller base on the rebell side, I ust force shut down the game client from task manager.

This is a fnking joke and a "gefickte" amateur work from DICE, and it's laughable how much of a "baszott" kurva a company this is.

How did they get the rights to create such a game?!?!?!?!
This game is bleading from so many wounds!

- fix map rotation
- add map selection
- add more game modes
- add all multiplayer maps to offline arcade play
- nerf Boba
- nerf the Blurrg
- fix the progression system! Purple cards are making this game impossible to enjoy for newcomers
- fix the spawncamping issue with starfighters and on Blast
- fix the general spawn system on blast
- ballance the starfighter maps Endor and Kamino finally
- ballance the GA maps of Takodama finally
- fix the creditfarmer issue. I'm not playing HvV anymore.
- fix the server issues
- should I continue?


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